How to win a Dance Battle


Ich hab kürzlich einen Vortrag gegeben über: `How to win a Dance Battle`. Hier die Slides und meine Recherche Notes. Viel Spaß und Erfolg aufm Dancefloor 😉

How To Win Dance Battle
Did I ever won a dance battle ? – Disclamer: I never did
Did I ever took part at a dance battle ? – Disclamer: I never did

BUT: I’m dancing swing for the last 6 years, used to to a masterclass 2 years ago, got asked for an follow up, today I’ll give you tips for everyday situation.

What’s a dance battle?
Battle = Dance oOff / Jam, History, Break Dance, Street Dance, Capoeira dance, Swing Dance

How to recognize you’r in a dance battle:
Rules, dance floor, dance circle, multiple rounds

Moves, Attitude:
DO: Music, Shine, Respect, Personality, Fun, Rhythm, hit the beats, take your time, Look at the opponent, steal and mimic moves, watch ur opponent, be Cool, be creative, improvise, get ur personal step, Cloth Style.
3Steps: impressive start, solid moves, fancy ending

Don’t take your shirt of, Pointy Fingers, Animal Moves, Hit, punch:, be aggressive, interfere you opponent, High Heels, Pole

rock steps, side step, kicks, freeze, slides, leans, slowmotion, spin, wave, head stand, head spin, backflip, somersault, moon walk, down on the floor, itching, robot (botting) Robo Mad chadd:, roboboys poppin john
Alphabetic jazz:
Insane robo dance:

Nola girl jam 2013:
old school battle:,
Berlin dance battle:

6yr gel BGRL Terra:
how to win a dance off:
indian how to dance battle:
kid vs. adult dance: lil boy
Amazing how to dance:
Pulp Fiction – Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest (Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell) -> Fun fact: they never won, but stole the trophy
Emergency guide men:

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