Guts’n Gumbo im Salon Remise

Wichtig für alle Berliner: Heute spielen Guts’n Gumbo im Salon Remise, Schuckerhöfe-Haus F, am Treptowerpark 28-30.

Die spielen stompy blues, hot jazz & bluegrass – das wird gut – hingehn, abtanzen!

with the rhythmsection of a new orleans brassband and an amazing virtuoso fiddle-soloist on top, these guys sound solid like a coaltrain riding through the valley, blowing his whistle… they play hot jazz, 20ies stomps and rags, the blues, bluegrass and gospels like no other. guts’n gumbo is a new project started by a group of talented musicians who are all involved in other well known projects…

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