Prag Spring Swing Festival (PSSF) 2009

Hier kleiner kurzer Lagebericht vom Spring Swing Festival 2009 in Prag:
Samstag Party war recht schöne Tanzatmosphäre in einem alte Ballsall, leider war die Gesellschaft eher nicht-Tänzer und die musik viel viel schneller Charleston und man wurde ständig von Foxtrott tänzern überrannt 😉

Milson + Jana Routine:
Swingout different directions: right, SW middle, SW, left
3x CH TrpStp,
3x Hand-2-Hand CH TriplStp in between
Break: catch-shoulder left-right
Tukt-Turn: back-to-back right
travelling turn left, catch jump back

– Shout and feel it
3x SbS Charlestion
S-Turn (Chasing)
2x Back-CH (tandem)
3x Kick only left (support with uplead, jump right side)
food change at end
Back-CH (tandem)
Push out right, dive through
pushout left, spin, drags

Referent ‚Swing‘ Josef
Rythm breaks: 1,2,3- 5,6,7,8
– Tuk-Spin
– Back-CH Turn Shoulder

Kevin + Joe aka Emily
Swingout lead
* Lead on 1 – Pull (Come in), 2 – Sidewise (Twist), 3 – Push (Backstep)
* Body Position: Center (no tension) – Backbody (bit of tension), CounterBalance
* Sendout 6cnt
* Push (backstep)-Direction-Turn, catch on 4, snd Half SW
* Barndoors Follower: Open, Parallell,Closed

Juan + Sharon
Fancy Jam Moves
* Skates (Trucing)
* any Jazzsteps
* CH Kicks (windmill)

* Swingout, L kick on 5, (half) turn/ Split
* Barrel + Hop
* Backstep, Arm up, down, F half turn catch with elbow
* Points

* Backpackjump
* Saltshaker, F: Shake, L: Split

Jam Rules: Fancy Entry, SW, one Fancy Move in middle, SW, Fancy ending

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