Hamburg: Swinghop im Mandalay

Am 30.11. gibts eine interessante Mischung aus Swing- und HipHop Music im Mandalay. Swingy the Kid läd ein zum swingig hiphop, breakbeats treffen tripplesteps und charleston moves … eben sowas hier 🙂

My dear friends of music,

at 30.11. i try to play the roots of hip hop and i mix it up with Swing´n R&B.

… I’ll go with you on a journey through time in the history of Hip Hop, it´s called Swing´n R&B…
Let us discover together a new sound!!
We´ll rediscover our rhythm emotion and let him rise again on the dance floor…at the Mandalay.

I look forward to many dancers, Lindy Hopper, Hip Hopper, Breakdancer and all the other dancers.

Opening time 8pm, cocktail happy hour ´til 10pm

see you
Dj Swingy the Kid

Via Swingy the Kid

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